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2005 Brigette Catherine Pinot noir
Best Pinot noir in 2012 American Wine Society National Commercial Competition (held in Oregon!). Full-bodied, smooth, and age-worthy. Truly a "discovery" wine. Hurry and get yours before supply runs out!
$39.00 ($397.80 for 12)
2012 Winter's Hill Pinot noir
Full-bodied Pinot, with excellent acidity and fine tannins. Pairs well curried root vegetables, a steak, or salmon.
$29.00 ($295.80 for 12)
2012 Marina Piper Pinot noir
Our flagship Pinot! This vintage won took the silver medal at the 2015 SIP McMinnville Food & Wine Classic. Smooth and velvety, featuring juicy red cherry and cranberry flavors. Nicely balanced, with a long finish.
$25.00 ($255.00 for 12)
2011 Raya Jade Syrah
If you were a fan of our past vintages, this is the Syrah for you. Bright fruits, dark plum, and well-balanced.
2013 Estate Müller Thurgau
New release! Limtied production. Crisp and delicious!
$15.00 ($153.00 for 12)
2013 Estate Chardonnay
New release! Our Chardonnay is smooth and rounded, thanks to the oak barrels we use. Limited production.
$17.00 ($173.40 for 12)

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Recent Awards

2012 Brigette Catherine Pinot Noir

Wine Enthusiast - June 2015



2008 Raya Jade Syrah

Northwest Food & Wine Festival 2014




2012 Marina Piper Pinot noir

SIP McMinnville Food & Wine Classic 2015